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On the first month of the year 2009 starts to unfold the group’s idealism in the realm of business. The group has set its own standards and excellent commercial approach upon attaining its goals, accompanied with commitment and dedication. From the wanton imagination to conceptualization until the realization of dreams, here comes the tangible reality --- the “ICTR GROUP”  (International Commercial Trading & Resources).

ICTR Group encompasses different individual companies. To name are SCU General Trading LLC, Unique Star Real Estate Broker, and Falconwings Travels & Tourism LLC. Due to a dynamic change, we believed that through joined force we will reach quickly the zenith. With this, the group has merged into one entity with the same services rendered as before yet more advanced.

SCU General Trading LLC emerged on the 10th of September 2005 with the former name of ELZ General Trading LLC duly recognized by  the Department of Economic and Dubai Courts with License No. 574226. Its commercial operation is engaged into importation and exportation of goods like heavy machineries and foodstuff. Few years after its continuous and successful operation, ELZ General Trading has changed its name into SCU General Trading LLC under the same license and commercial engagement but with wide array of products involved. Anything and everything under  the sun SCU General Trading LLC caters products with much attention that would surely end up with a positive and excellent outcome.

Moreover, Unique Star Real Estate Broker acts as an intermediate between each deal in real estate as approved by both parties. Likewise, this has an affiliation with the foreign land like Thailand, having a joint business venture with Thai Privilege Marina Resort & Spa in Phuket. TPMRS is a newly established group focusing mainly on the individual rise of a modernized villa in one of the beautiful spots in the island of Phuket, to give a pleasant living to locals or even expatriates.
On the other hand, the group likewise included travel & tourism with its name known as Falcon Wings Travels duly recognized by the Department of Economic and Dubai Courts with License No.579955. This offers ticketing, UAE visa issuance with a maximum allocation of 100 tourist visas monthly and 50 service visas daily. We have added to our line of business in cooperation  with Canadiancic Group the processing of Canadian Immigrant Visa for NEW INVESTORS & SKILLED WORKERS. We offer our full services and we assure of a "money-back-guarantee" once visa is denied.Momentarily, we do apologize this company is under halt due to some refurbishment
Recently, ICTR Group has changed its name to APEC Group due to few addition of companies engaging in other fields. Such companies are Apex Pacific Energy Corporation, and Asia Pacific Energy Corporation with registered locations in Malaysia, and Armenia. We likewise have representative offices in Dubai UAE, and Istanbul Turkey. APEC Group being the mother company is committed to establish a long and lasting business relationship with genuine clients. We strongly believe that in this field we can maximize the potential of our advanced business approach through a combination of enhanced quality service, creative marketing and innovative pricing. We follow the principles and standard of business integrity wherever area we operate. And most importantly, we are very well aware that doing business in an increasingly  competitive & dynamic environment requires confidence, determination, transparency, enthusiasm, and yet we have it all!
"APEC Group: the cynosure to echt business..."